We are excited to announce our first ever scavenger hunt! Here is what you will need to know to enter the hunt:

  1. Subscribe to our e-mail list (see footer)
  2. Like and Follow us on Facebook and Instagram
  3. Complete and Participate in the daily challenges that we will post on Facebook and Instagram
  4. Stay Tuned for your final task list to be released on October 10th

Qualifications to enter and win:

  • Be a current Azusa Pacific University student
  • Complete ALL daily challenges
  • Complete ALL items on the final task list
  • Submit you final task list form to the computer store located on west campus by 10/17th

The winner will be announced on October 21st on FaceBook and Instagram! You will have one week to claim your prize or it will defer to the next person in line.


Day 1 Challenge (October 3rd)!

Welcome to the first day of our Scavenger Hunt! Make sure to check Facebook, Instagram, or the Website daily to see what you must hunt down and do! Here is what you must do today if you haven't already:

  • Share the computer store’s “Scavenger Hunt” post on your Facebook page
  • Like us on Facebook @apucomputerstore
  • Follow us on Instagram @apucompstore
  • Subscribe to our mailing list

To easy... Don't worry, it will get more challenging as the week goes on!!!!

Good Luck!

Day 2 Challenge (October 4th)!

  • Vote for your favorite Computer Store Name (https://goo.gl/forms/cgld3zT1YoIKwcDp1)
  • Post a fun video on IG or FB showing people how to get to the computer store from West Campus and use #apucsthehunt16

Have a great day!

Day 3 Challenge (October 5th)!

  • Post a group photo with 3 or more people in front of the Computer Store (West Campus) and use #apucsthehunt16
  • Post a photo of your favorite product in the Computer Store and use #apucsthehunt16

Happy Hunting!

Day 4 Challenge (October 6th)!

  • Treat a friend, Post a video of you "paying it forward" at Mantra Coffee in Azusa

Mmmmmm... Coffee!

Day 5 Challenge (October 7th)!

  • Post a photo of your favorite hang out spot on APU campus and tag us in it. Don't forget to use #apucsthehunt16

  • Get 3 friends to follow us on Instagram (remember their IG handle because you will need it in the future)


Day 6 Challenge (October 8th)!

  • Find at least 4 locations that have our scavenger hunt poster posted and create a fun image collage with you in them. (Remember to tag the computer store in the post and to use #apucsthehunt16)

Happy Saturday!

Day 7 Challenge (October 9th)!

  • Rest up and stay tuned for the Final Hunt List tomorrow! It will be posted on our website as a download

Happy Sunday!

THE FINAL LIST (October 10th)!

It has all come down to this. One all out effort to get everything done and be the first to turn this list in to the Computer Store. From there we will verify that you have completed all the challenges and will then announce the winner on Facebook and Instagram! Remember to tag the computer store in your posts and to use #apucsthehunt16

Click here to get the Final List!

Best of luck!