2017 vs. 2019 MacBook Air - Which is better?

In this article, the MacBook Air will be in discussion. In comparison, the 2017 and 2019 models inhere distinctive characteristics. Many questions arise between the two MacBook Airs in their disparity. One is more recent than the other, but both have contributing qualities.  Below, we highlighted the key components of both the 2017 and 2019 Airs. Among the range of laptops offered, we would like to ensure customers of the right choice.

MacBook Air 2017:

The MacBook Air is Apple's most affordable laptop, its arrival in 2017. This model is fit to the lowest price compared to the rest of the selection. It centers at a good performance level, which is significant if the price is a deciding factor. With being lightweight, the laptop represents the best balance between view-ability and portability. The 2017 model, found in libraries, offices, and student's backpacks, has an older design. Below are the features and specifications of this model. They will aid in the decision if the 2017 MacBook Air is right for you!

Screen Size 

This 2017 model comes with a 13.3-inch screen but has a lower resolution compared to the 2019 laptop. This helps produce sharper and smoother looking images and text. There is a 1440x900 pixel display, which has been a constant factor in the Airs for generations. As another appearance factor, a thick bezel lays on the edge of the display, which adds to the total design.


The 2017 Air contains Apple’s traditional keyboard,  which is a favorite of many. This feature remains consistent with the former models.


The 2017 model includes a fifth-generation Intel processor. running on a 1.8GHz processor.


On the left and right sides of the Air are two USB 3 ports, one Thunderbolt 2, one SDXC card slot, and one DisplayPort.


The MacBook 2017 produces a ten-hour plus battery life for use of a full day and then some.

MacBook Air 2019: 

This MacBook Air models a thin and sleek appearance, but the price raised against the 2017 model. With faster speed and higher quality, the 2019 laptop is dependable to last at a longer length of time. It performs the simple functions it has installed for the common consumer.  With its thinness and lightweight aspect, the 2019 model is ultra-portable. It’s viewed as being a competent laptop for light computing. Below are the specifications and features to help decide against the 2017 model.

    Screen/ Retina Display: The 2019 Macbook Air contains the same screen size as the 2017 model, at 13.3 inches. With updated brightness levels, the Air is able to increase from 300 nits to 400 nits. This enables an advantage compared to the 2017 model. As another new feature is True Tone, which adjusts the color temperature on the screen. 


    The 2019 Air wears the butterfly keyboard, where typing is quieter. The material of the laptop is reliable as well. TouchID,  integrated into the power key as well, produces advanced security. 


    The 2019 model features a Y-series Intel processor. It guarantees to handle the daily functions, as well as perform at a high speed compared to the 2017 model. 


    Included on the left side of this model are two USB-C ports as well as a headphone jack.


    The MacBook Air 2019 is able to last up to thirteen hours of battery life. This can be either for surfing the web, watching Apple TV application videos, as well as more. 

    Which MacBook Air is right for you? 

    You have now read through the descriptions and specifications between the two MacBooks. An understanding has formed on which would best fit your needs.  For a good performance level and lower price, the MacBook Air 2017 is a top contender. On the other side, the MacBook Air 2019 is a stronger contestant due to its higher performance rate. Also, battery life is a significant detail. The final decision will be the outcome of the price spent, as well as day to day uses.